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    Dr. Savan sahai srivastava


    Ignorance and all other false identification, which stand as a hurdle in one's own path of success. Hence,education in it's true sense enables one to comprehend one's self within .Vimla international School has been aiming to provide. contemporary education coupied with a strong foundation in indian cultural values. Today the fast changing enviroment with an invading influence of mass media has made parenting a daunting task. we believe in createing a conducive enviroment that will help discover the child''s latent potential and make the process of learning joyful. A famous poet subashita says " a student learns one quarter from his master,the second quarter accrues from his own intelligence, and the third from fellow students and time and experience confer the fourth quarter." It is evident that much of the learning process happens in the right school, The Management has put together a fully equipped campas that fosters learning and helps the child to explore, inquire, seek and learn. the classrooms have excellent ambience with Smart Boards and state-of-the-art infrasructure. This is fullybacked by a dedicated team of qualified teachers led by our visionary Principal.The task of a teacher is to invoke the spirit of inquery in the pupil who is supposed to find out answers on his own under the bias-free guidance of the teacher, Vimla international school ensures a curriculum (and methodology that promises a competitive edge for its students.We invite parents to let their children join this exciting voyage of discovery and learning.

    Together let us make a difference to our child's education and prepare him/her for life in such a manner, that when he/she goes out in the world, he/she shine out un the crowd.

    With best wishes,

    Dr Savan sahai srivatava